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Yemi is a parent to three young children, ages 8, 4, and 2. He will build a safer city - not just for his kids - but for all Colorado Springs families. Community safety is among the most essential roles of local government, and keeping our neighborhoods safe and healthy is a top priority for Yemi’s Administration.

Yemi’s Administration will elevate the role of public safety in Colorado Springs while restoring trust and mobilizing local partnerships to reduce crime and humanize the badge. Yemi’s administration will listen to the needs of public safety professionals and the community alike, and will invest in the Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado Springs Fire Department, and newer programs and alliances such as the Community Response Teams (CRT), Community Assistance Refferal & Education Services (CARES) and the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT). Read more…

As mayor, Yemi will…

  1. Bolster the efforts of Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) to reduce the growing crime rate city-wide.
  2. Promote community trust in CSPD by encouraging stronger relationships between law enforcement officers and the community, expanding initiatives such as: The Illumination Project, Pikes Peak United Way’s Productive Dialogue, and CSPD’s Community Relations Programs.
  3. Re-build community-led response task forces that incorporate local service providers, such as churches, non-profits, and mental health professionals for incidents that affect the entire community.
  4. As a minority, Yemi will champion the recruitment of the next generation of police cadets to include women and people of color to create a police force that is reflective of the community.
  5. Invest in our community’s relationship with law enforcement by encouraging more non enforcement interactions through local youth programs, such as the Police Athletic League (PAL) and Play COS.
  6. Expand innovative community safety programs and increase resources dedicated to community engagement, homeless encampment cleanup, and mental health services through Community Response Teams and Homeless Outreach Teams.
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