Financial Transparency

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Colorado Springs residents deserve to know who is funding the campaigns of political candidates running for mayor of our city.

In fact, transparency is a core principle Yemi wants to bring to the mayor’s office. Whether it is how your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being spent, how projects get prioritized, or how different departments arrive at the decisions that impact you - you deserve to know.

Campaign finance contributions are public record. But they are buried in the City’s website, are difficult to find, and don’t show a complete picture of where the money is going. In order to help residents see clearly, we are publicizing our contributions, expenses, and loans, as well as all of the other candidates.

These records will be updated as campaign filings are reported to the City of Colorado Springs City Clerk.

Campaign contributions: Money given to a political candidate. Name, address, occupation, employer, and total amount given in an election cycle are all required as part of the reporting process.

Total Contributions by Candidate (Updated 05/01)

Average Donation: The average contribution amount given to a political candidate.

Avg. Donation Amount by Candidate (Updated: 05/01)

Total Donations: The total number of unique individual donation contributions made to a candidate.

Total Donations made to Candidates (Updated: 05/01))

Expenses: Any money a candidate spends as part of their political campaign. This includes expenses such as advertisements, yard signs, staff, and printed materials.

Total Expenses by Candidate (Updated 04/03)

Data files and charts will be updated as new campaign finance reports are submitted. Remaining reporting dates and deadlines:

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All Contribution Data: Updated February 20, 2023
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