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Yemi’s Administration will champion a human-centered economy, putting the local business owner front and center. Economy and affordability are not mere buzz words; they are market forces that tangibly impact our quality of life. Yemi’s administration will prioritize policies and programs that expand economic opportunity to all Colorado Springs residents, by bolstering new and diverse industries, and supporting local workers and entrepreneurs throughout the city.

Yemi is a small business owner in Colorado Springs, and he understands the struggles, risks, and rewards facing local business owners. As businesses continue to move past the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yemi’s administration will work to secure continued support to help our local businesses get back on their feet.

As mayor, Yemi will…
  1. Continue to champion small business owners and make Colorado Springs the Best City in the United States for business.
  2. Grow and retain Colorado Springs’ “anchor industries” (i.e., defense, software, information technology, healthcare and manufacturing) to drive job growth, promote health and improve our quality of life.
  3. Leverage the office of the Mayor to drive the recruitment of new flagship companies to foster a diverse economy that will provide and well-paying jobs to our residents.
  4. Expand existing municipal financial incentives to include locally-founded small businesses.
  5. Continue to reduce government red tape and leverage new technologies to simplify the process for starting and expanding businesses.
  6. Prioritize initiatives to support economic vitality throughout the city, and especially in underserved areas, such as Southeast Colorado Springs.
  7. Appoint a “workforce administrator” to address city-wide worker shortages and invest in developing local talent through collaboration between education, workforce development organizations, and employers.
  8. Work with local leadership including the Chamber & EDC, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT), Colorado Space Coalition, and the Governor’s office for Colorado Springs to remain the home for Space Command. Our armed service members and defense contractors play a vital role in the flourishing culture and economy of Colorado Springs.
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