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Yemi is focused on making Colorado Springs the best city in the United States for business. Yemi is a small business owner in Colorado Springs and understands the struggles, risks, and rewards of the local business owner. Yemi’s administration will put local businesses first, with policies and programs that expand financial opportunity to all Colorado Springs residents, while preserving our community’s character and quality of life.

As mayor, Yemi will…
Build a business-friendly city
  1. Increase resources to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as expanding sales tax exemptions to local small businesses.
  2. Support the growth and expansion of local businesses, including “anchor industries” (i.e., defense, software, information technology, healthcare, and manufacturing) to drive job growth, promote a healthy economy, and improve quality of life.
  3. Streamline the city approval and permit processes.  This includes creating a “one-stop” shop for business interests looking to relocate or expand and implementing technology solutions for processing and expediting permit applications online.
  4. Actively recruit new companies, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation, that will provide well paying jobs to our residents, as well as continue the ongoing work to keep Space Command in the city. Our armed service members and defense contractors play a vital role in the culture and economy of Colorado Springs.
  5. Prioritize programs to support underserved business areas in the city, such as southeast Colorado Springs.
Create a future-ready workforce
  1. Launch a citywide reskilling program to close the skills gap and help raise family income earnings.
  2. Appoint a Workforce Administrator to address citywide worker shortages and to partner with local stakeholders in education, workforce development organizations, and local businesses.
  3. Increase workforce development efforts in high paying, in demand jobs for critical industries.  These critical industries include healthcare, cybersecurity and software, and aerospace and defense.
  4. Support career exploration and training programs for K-12 students to begin preparing the next generation of workers. These programs will be developed through partnerships with organizations such as Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance, Careers in Construction Colorado, and other work-based learning opportunities.

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