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Regardless of income, race, age, gender, or ability, every Colorado Springs resident deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Through comprehensive development plans and policies, and by following proven best practices, Yemi’s Administration will work directly with real estate developers, community service providers, and planning and development professionals to promote smart and responsible growth.

Yemi’s administration will encourage diverse housing options, mixed-use building types, redevelopment, and other urban renewal efforts. As the largest geographic city in Colorado, Colorado Springs’ roads are, and will continue to be, in need of regular maintenance and repair. Our infrastructure, to include roads, parks, and stormwater, is key to attracting economic development and ensuring our quality of life. Yemi believes, “no matter where you live, or who you are, you can enjoy living in a place that is healthy, prosperous, and resilient.”

As mayor, Yemi will…
  1. Encourage flexibility in zoning policy, redevelopment, and revitalization efforts to support innovative growth, including incentives to facilitate the growth of attainable and affordable housing.
  2. Secure efficient use of and continued support of federal and state funding for affordable housing to help those at most risk.
  3. Improve fire and disaster mitigation efforts throughout the city by working with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, El Paso County, and U.S. Forest Service.
  4. Bolster road-repair “strikeforce” to ensure potholes are filled quickly and pursue a permanent funding mechanism for road repair through a variety of funding mechanisms to include the extension of 2C.
  5. Invest in and protect the natural beauty of our community. Protect, preserve and enhance our outdoor and shared spaces. Enhance city design and development to focus on our natural and outdoor amenities.
  6. Expand transportation options and enhance regional connectivity, including better connecting COS with east-west roadways.
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