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Colorado Springs is at a turning point in its history, particularly as related to issues around managing recent growth and planning for the future. Yemi’s administration will promote responsible growth guided by intelligent principles that strengthen our city’s infrastructure so as to best meet existing city demand and prepare for an expanding population. By inviting public participation, leading in a way that serves citizen interests, and elevating the input of our traffic engineers, water experts, and wildfire mitigation specialists, Yemi’s administration promises a sustainable future for Colorado Springs.  

As mayor, Yemi will…
Bring Housing within reach for ALL COS residents
  1. Increase long-term funding and incentives to bring down the cost of housing development and increase housing supply. This includes securing the support of federal and state funding for local affordable housing projects, creating a guide for developers to leverage sources of funding, and rebating tap fees, park, and public safety fees for attainable and affordable housing.
  2. Expand existing municipal financial (tax rebate) incentives for affordable housing projects. These funds will apply to building materials on new builds and converting/repurposing old buildings into homes.
  3. Appoint a Chief Housing Officer to advance the city’s housing priorities. This role will facilitate public-private partnerships in housing, advocacy, and research.
  4. Create a “middle housing fund” supported by foundations, philanthropy and businesses to provide grants for developers and manufacturers to reduce the cost of creating homes through innovation.
  5. Implement flexibility in zoning policy (RetoolCOS) to encourage mixed-use development, infill development, more density, and to maximize existing water and sewer infrastructure.
  6. Prioritize road maintenance, repair, and expansion. Yemi’s administration will commit to a permanent funding through a variety of mechanisms, including the extension of 2C.

Ensure COS water resources for today and tomorrow
  1. Ensure Colorado Springs has the water it needs to serve the current and growing community.
  2. Partner with Colorado Springs Utilities’ Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP) to strengthen water infrastructure.  This program provides a comprehensive plan and roadmap to meeting the future water needs of the city.
  3. Create additional water supply through new innovative approaches, including water sharing with agricultural outfits in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, while protecting and developing our existing water rights.
  4. Explore the creation of new or expanded storage reservoirs.  The volume of storage in reserve is our protection against emergencies.
  5. Support water conservation efforts through education, programs, and incentives that encourage residents to use water efficiently.  Implement new land use policies to help preserve water.
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