Our goal is the success of our city, meaning the thriving of Colorado Springs residents in all areas.

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Yemi’s administration will strengthen public safety by overcoming staffing shortages, reducing incident response times, ensuring that officers have the best training to fight crime, and addressing the frequent users of the 911 system. Yemi will rebuild trust and mobilize partnerships to reduce crime and humanize the badge.

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Housing & INfrastructure

Yemi’s administration will pioneer development guided by intelligent principles that strengthens our city’s infrastructure, provides attainable housing to meet our expanding population needs, and bolsters Colorado Springs’ water infrastructure.

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Yemi’s administration will put local businesses first by cutting unnecessary red tape, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and prioritizing policies and programs that expand economic opportunity to all Colorado Springs residents. Yemi’s administration promises economic opportunity while preserving our community’s character and quality of life.

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economy & Affordability

A Yemi Administration will champion a human-centered economy, putting the local business owner front and center. Economy and affordability are not mere buzz words. Rather, a Yemi administration will prioritize policies and programs that expand economic opportunity to all Colorado Springs residents. These include bolstering new and diverse industries, and supporting local workers and entrepreneurs throughout the city.

Yemi is a small business owner in Colorado Springs, and he understands the struggles, risks, and rewards facing local business owners. As businesses continue to move past the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Yemi administration will continue to help local businesses get back on their feet.

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housing & infrastructure

Regardless of income, race, age, gender, or ability, every Colorado Springs resident deserves access to beautiful, affordable, and safe places. Through comprehensive development plans and policies, a Yemi Administration will work directly with real estate developers, public works experts, and planning and development professionals to promote smart and responsible growth.

A Yemi administration will include diverse housing, expanded transportation, mixed-use building types, redevelopment, and other urban renewal efforts. Yemi believes, “no matter where you live, or who you are, you can enjoy living in a place that is healthy, prosperous, and resilient.

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Philosophy of Governance

Understanding government's role and relationship in serving our residents is a non negotiable for me. My goal is the success of our city, meaning the thriving of Colorado Springs residents in all areas. Our administration will advance the common good, elevate human dignity, protect your rights, and promote public safety for all.

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